Born in Oakland, raised in Minnesota, formally educated in San Francisco, and primed in New York City, Topanga is the first place that has made me want to stay. Of the many places I have lived and visited, California is my soulmate. 

I have spent a decade in creative and entrepreneurial roles. I ran a clothing line called AFIA, sourced in sewn in Ghana, West Africa for several years, and have taken on various roles that include art director, product designer, wardrobe stylist, and social media manager. You can check out my work HERE.

As a career traveler and airliner, I work at Delta Air Lines to master my ability to stay zen while dealing with your most-stressed version of yourself. I am also working on my Master's in Public Policy from American University as I shift gears to dig into international development and legislation.  

I founded Wild Mesa because there is something magic about my low-fi bungalow in the canyon that makes my visitors lighten up and take a deep breath of release. In a time of ready-made conveniences and a bombardment of distractions, Wild Mesa attempts to create instead of consume and attempt to approach our processes more sustainably, both economically and environmentally. Our maker workshops reset our brains from the instant gratification of pressing the checkout button to a deeper engagement of tracing a physical thing back to its beginning and connection to nature, experimenting during the process. Other events may introduce a skill that is new to you, develop an existing skill to another level, rejuvenate + ground your spirit, or reconnect you with the natural world. Our events are a moment to be fully present, to check out to check back in, while interconnected with each other and our surroundings.

Looking forward to meeting you.