$165 + $60 Materials

Learn to make yourself a pair of durable, comfortable, custom-to-your-feet sandals!  In this workshop, we will make sandals that are made entirely from leather - the soles, heels, and uppers. This traditional method of sandal-making has been practiced for centuries, though it’s rare to find them in stores these days.  Sandals made from leather continue to get better with age and wear as they form to your feet, and making them yourself is fun and extremely gratifying!

No experience is necessary, I will walk you through the entire process, from cutting your straps to properly fitting them to your feet to sanding them down once they are finished.  All tools & supplies are provided and you can choose from either black, brown, or natural tan leather. You will be able to walk away from the workshop wearing your newly made shoes.

You can choose to make either a toe ring sandal (my personal favorite, and what I wear 95% of my days), a ‘Grecian’ sandal, a thong-style sandal, or a 2 or 3 strap sandal.  Within these designs, you can modify strap width, color, and placement. We will use a short stacked heel, about ⅜” high and your soles will have a round toe.

During the sandal-making process you will learn basic leather-working techniques and you’ll become familiar with essential shoemaking tools. You’ll take home an outline of the sandal making process and a list of local resources and suppliers, allowing you to make more sandals after the workshop, if you so desire!


Ceramics with Kirsty Iredale

(Ongoing - Various Pricing)

On the Wild Mesa Topanga land is Kirsty Iredale's pottery studio.  Whether you are a beginner or are looking to dig deeper into what you already know, or whether you would like an individual mentorship or an afternoon party activity, Kirsty caters to you.  Explore your options HERE.